I. Pre-sales

1. To accept your inquiry.

2. To organize special topic technological sessions, communications, and choose equipment aiming at customer’s products.

3. To provide a specific “Equipment Proposal”


a. Equipment drawings

b. Equipment function and description

c. Technical design, water, power and gas layout of workshop

d. Equipment technical design, equipment configuration, spare part, package and after-sales service description

e. Equipment Item Quotation

II. In-sales

1. To keep contact with you timely, invite customers to visit the company, and familiarize the production assembly technique.

2. To be timely ready to answer your inquiry by prepared equipment direction, file card, and relative software.

3. To regularly report equipment production progress situation.

4. To give you a timely notice to inspection and acceptance before shipment after finishing equipment at the appointed time.

III. After-sales

After-sales service is implemented according to the international general standard.

1. 1 year guarantee and life-long service, the after-sales service website, hotline and fax within 24 hours are available and arrival at appointed place within 72 hours (domestic) is fulfilled.

2. Always prepare rapid wear, consumable, and important spare parts in spare part warehouse to give customer a reply in the first time.